Monday, June 25, 2012

Pirate Airworks - Fly Out Fishing at its Finest

Yesterday Myron (Mildred) Jemison took five minutes from his busy schedule and handed me the chip from his camera and told me there were some great shots of his recent fishing trips up the river behind the Lodge and trips to a few of the high mountain lakes he took with some guests a few days ago.

I will try to explain from his explanations a little of the experience and show a few of his amazing pictures.

Nikko - One of our three Karilian Bear Dogs - "Can we go up the river now, Can we"!!

Nice trout at a High Mountain Lake!

The river from a low perspective and the clean mountain water!

A customer with a real nice steelhead up the river!

Glaciers in a high mountain lake!

Reflections in a high mountain lake! The ULTIMATE Fly Out fishing trip

Happy customer making a cast in a beautiful lake!

Nice trout picture taken underwater!

The Log Jam up the river behind the Lodge!

Fishing a tranquil spot on the river with a dog by your side!

One of the dogs protecting you on the river!


More from later trips as we progress through the season!

Capt Jim for Capt Myron!

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