Friday, December 30, 2011

Winter at Pirate

Work never stops around the Pirate - plans and modifications for 2012 season are underway, look for some announcements soon.

Pirate Airworks continues to be the most experienced and best equipped Air Charter service in SE Alaska!

Check out our new website:

Reservations are being taken NOW for the upcoming season, both at Pirate and at Yes Bay Lodge...

Hope to see you in 2012.

Capt Jim

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

OZ Ready to fly....Maiden Flight to Yes Bay

Oz made her first passenger run to Yes Bay Lodge today...everything is finally finished and all approved by the FAA! OZ is literally a brand new zero hour airplane...after a total reconstruction - a 5 year project!!

And she is a beautiful's proof...

Come visit us at Yes bay and fly on OZ or take a Misty Tour and fly on OZ or 9 pound, both are immaculate airplanes and the best maintained in Ketchikan or even SE Alaska!!

Capt Jim

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Salmon Season Starts at Yes Bay Lodge 2011

Training started in earnest today with two boats out fishing all day - Kicker, Batman and Snapper Al training new guides Sean and Brian - both of these guides have Alaska experience so it was more of an orientation to the area than a full blown training session, that starts tomorrow with all 12 guides fishing...6 returning guides training 6 new guides - 4 with a little Alaska experience but all seasoned guides...we are looking forward to a great season with 6 Kings already on the dock and 3 of those 6 were over 30 pounds, including a real nice 38 pounder today, plus a small 12 pounder and two 20 plus pounders so all nice tomorrow, still training the office girls to download the pictures and put them in the correct place so I can upload for the blog...guess some more training on that is needed, because here I am writing the fishing report with only one picture from yesterday of some nice rock fish and some halibut...

This picture is from yesterdays fishing, Al Snapper Bermitz took Sean Falconer out and they got one real nice bright Chum salmon and a couple nice halibut and beautiful yellow eye snapper and nice sea bass....

Here are Dewey and I with our catch of three the other day...

And here is Kevin and family with all five of our fish on the board...

And of course Kevin showing off his big one which got beat today...

I will post one more picture from yesterday with another chum and a couple more halibut and some rock fish...then today's catch of the big King and a real nice 8.9 pound yelloweye and a couple nice halibut, I promise to have these up tomorrow as soon as I train the girls how to download the photos...

The beginning of a wonderful fishing season at Yes Bay Lodge in SE Alaska!

Captain Jim Lucas

Saturday, May 14, 2011

9 Pound Home - Ready to fly

After the winter off and some needed updating and some nice new shiny paint, 9 pound arrived back at the Pirate office today, ready for the 2011 season and waiting for her sister plane to arrive later this month.

Just a couple days ago with new paint - charcoal and some red and white touch up...

Putting the wings back on...

Arriving back from her test flight and first trip out to Yes Bay...

Pirate Flies Again!!

2011 Season is right around the corner...

Capt Jim Lucas

Monday, April 25, 2011

Pirate New Passenger Van

Another step closer to the fantastic 2011 Season with the arrival of our new van to transport flightseeing guests for Pirate Airworks and Lodge Guests and Crew for Yes Bay Lodge...SignPro finished today and they did a vantastic job!!

Only a few weeks until the season on the planes continue and we'll have pictures soon. 9 Pound is finishing it's annual and some new paint and a few minor modifications which are complete, will be in the air in another week or two!

OZ is in San Diego getting the new motor installed, with new interior, it will be a completely new airplane when it is finished, flight tests should start next week and we hope to have it back home in Alaska by early June.

Book your flightseeing tours with Pirate for this season!!

Capt. Jim Lucas

Saturday, April 16, 2011

OZ Finishing Touches

Well the finishing touches are slowly being put together for the 2011 season, both for Pirate and Yes Bay Lodge.

9 pound is being put back together from it's annual and the winter in storage, she will be up and flying in a about a week or so.

OZ the new plane is starting to be finished, with some of the last touches just completed.

Here are the new seats just back from the upholstery shop...

She'll be headed up towards Alaska soon....

The Lodge is slowly being awakened with lots of small projects left to do, the boats are all having new bottom paint and the gunnels touched up, oil changed in motors and will be ready to go in a few weeks.

More pics of the Lodge awakening in the coming days....also on some changes for Pirate.

Captain Jim Lucas

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lodge Construction Update!

After the end of last season during a winter storm we had winds in excess of 130 MPH, in fact Kevin's beloved weather station at the top of the ramp departed with the last wind reading of 130 MPH. Along with most of the railing for the walkway up to the Lodge, which made plenty of work for the winter crew this year.

Here are some of the damage photos

As of today per Kevin's new pictures the railing has been completely rebuilt. Art and Johnson scrounged around for some nice yellow cedar logs and with our sawmill cut all new wood and posts for the new railings.

A job well done by the winter crew at Yes Bay Lodge, we are busy now getting the Lodge booked for the upcoming season and doing last minute cleaning and repairs from our harsh winter.

Stay tuned for more updates as the season approaches.

Capt. Jim Lucas

Monday, January 24, 2011

Latest Yes bay Opening Special for 2011

Space is limited on this 2011 Season Opening Special

Capt Jim

Monday, January 17, 2011

Yes bay Lodge Video!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 Sport Show Schedule

Come see us at the Shows - Kevin is "on the road" make sure you stop by our booth and say hello when he is nearby!!

Captain Jim Lucas