Monday, April 25, 2011

Pirate New Passenger Van

Another step closer to the fantastic 2011 Season with the arrival of our new van to transport flightseeing guests for Pirate Airworks and Lodge Guests and Crew for Yes Bay Lodge...SignPro finished today and they did a vantastic job!!

Only a few weeks until the season on the planes continue and we'll have pictures soon. 9 Pound is finishing it's annual and some new paint and a few minor modifications which are complete, will be in the air in another week or two!

OZ is in San Diego getting the new motor installed, with new interior, it will be a completely new airplane when it is finished, flight tests should start next week and we hope to have it back home in Alaska by early June.

Book your flightseeing tours with Pirate for this season!!

Capt. Jim Lucas

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