Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pirate Flies Again in 2010!

Pirate Air Works will be flying again and that is Kevins largest project right now. He has a DeHavilland Beaver completely rebuilt, only thing lacking is a paint job and the interior. It is a total rebuild, with a rebuilt air frame, all new skin, brand new motor and all new or rebuilt electronics. It will be another first class job, paint will be very similar to 87 Charlie (See Picture). Full intercom system with noise reducing head phones and 2 way communication and stereo for the pilot and passengers. Pirate will base the plane at the Lodge and it will be used to fly tours not only from the Lodge for our guests, but will be available for tours originating in town for cruise ship passengers and tourists. I am working on the web site as we speak, look for another email shortly with the new information.

With over 35 years of experience serving the Ketchikan waterfront the Pirate will again set the standard for flightseeing in Ketchikan and beyond! Newest and nicest plane and the most experience!

Fly the Pirate!

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